domingo, 22 de febrero de 2009

Complexo do Alemão. Rio de Janeiro. Brasil. Arq. Jorge Jauregui

Green Park, Urban Park
The city of Rio de Janeiro has grown in a fast and disorganized way। The city doesn't stop growing in a constant process of morphologic mutations. This permanent urban expansion without adequate planning results in the existence of a few fragmented and scattered open spaces. These clearings that result in the process have the potential to generate a new landscape, with spaces for permanence and spaces of passage.Before this reality we need to not only plan these spaces but the connection among them.The project, an initiative for a park in the Northern side of the city of Rio de Janeiro, promotes the links among the public spaces of the adjacent neighborhoods in addition to the landscape design of the existing open space.The strategic intervention on the voids makes the structuring of the landscape and the new spatial organization at urban territorial level possible, constituting strong signals, giving new meaning and attributing new functions.We looked for to emphasize the potentialities not taken advantage of and the hidden ones, to recognize and to invent structures for these landscapes, giving back to the place its latent energy.The project of the Parque de la Sierra de la Misericordia allows to face the urgency of the socio-environmental question and to the inevitable work of the reordering of the territory and the city. By means of the void we can reinvent the metropolis, today: partially divided, tomorrow: complex.