sábado, 21 de febrero de 2009

Elemental Chile. Chile. Arq. Jorge Jauregui

The idea of this competition was to rethink affordable housing, contributing for the solution of one of the main problems of the low-income population in Latin America, with inexpensive worthy houses of architectural quality that would configure aggregates with urban and environmental value. The proposal incorporates and synthesizes the principles used in the framework of the Favela Bairro Program of the city of Rio de Janeiro.We proposed an organizational-compositional system that would provide efficiency in the use of the land, create public spaces with quality and a consistent urban image.The units are expansible from their initial 30m2 using a construction technology simple that offers different alternatives of materialization generating diversity within unity. The organizational-compositional system allows for growth without the loss of the image, negotiating the users' individualities with a sense of beauty and harmony for the overall complex.Some units are designed to combine home and work, a very common demand in the low-income population.

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