sábado, 21 de febrero de 2009

Favela Rocinha. Rio de Janiero. Brasil. Arq. Jorge Jauregui

The Development Social-Spatial Plan (PDSE) uses the strategy based in the methodology, that articulates the territory of “Rocinha”, regrouping in projected units, from a hierarchy that includes Poles (non central) connecting with the city, and Sectors of Urban Development (SDU). This, groups the existents sub-districts (different sectors of one neighborhood) in development zones based in their densities, topography and local identity. These sectors are compounded of many sub-sectors (sub-districts) in concordance of their characteristics, each sub-district is structured in projected cells, organized in condominiums. As part of this structured hierarchy, in each Sector of Urban Development (SDU) it is inserted a Sector Cells of Development (C_CEL) that includes the whole urban equipment for culture, sports and recreation. Associated at these Cells it has been programmed, different areas, with diverse habitat (living spaces) typologies, offering varied options for relocations of inhabitant. So the PDSE will assure one interconnected web with the base in new centralities, incorporating the already existents, constituting identifiable focal points, operating as social grounders, anchors, interconnecting spatial and socially the identity of the community, given signs of a new order in the place

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