sábado, 21 de febrero de 2009

Villa 31. Buenos Aires. Argentina. Arq. Jorge Jauregui.

Inserted in a strategic point of the city of Buenos Aires, this slum fights for its permanence in the site against the public power policy that has been a systematic eradication of slums, extrapolating them to the perifhery of the city.We developed an urban design proposal that promotes the integration with the city since our principle is to respect and value the cultural traces that the population adds to the territory.The proposal approach is to restore the place and the existing underutilized buildings. We propose a network of vehicular and pedestrian streets to connect with the formal city improving the access points to the community with the design of a gateway with landscape treatment and adequate urban furnitare.We generate sport and leisure areas that include: a football field, a gymnasium, am amphitheater, cultural and job generation spaces.The focus of the project was the acaptative reuse of existing warehouses and esplanade, transforming the area in a space for multiple public activities of high architectural quality, with social assistance centers, bars, restaurantes, markets.

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